Artist Statement

I am friend to formalism, one liners, slips of the tongue, studio accidents, failed attempts, tools, bad jokes, Goodwill piles, scrap materials, attention to attention, making and remaking things. I believe we make objects like we make selves. We are shaped by the glut of things all around, the material world we cull, collect, neglect, repair and sort. I am committed to the notion that making is a way of thinking, an attempt to grasp the provisional quality of meaning.

My practice is rooted in repetitive processes by hand—knotting and binding, stitching and folding, ripping and patching. I am informed by the twin histories of modernist painting and decorative craft as well as vernacular notions of arts-and-crafts – handwoven potholders, knit socks, cotton swab Santas, felt ornaments and the like. These domestic and childhood creations connect us to a more innocent and embodied past while complicating contemporary notions of cuteness, vulnerability, and humor.